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IBM's Internet and Social Business Marketing

Susan Emerick, 1987 advertising alumna, says, "Anything is possible! Pursue your passion and it will happen!" This is a motto she's lived by, which has helped her lead an incredibly fulfilling career. buy real instagram followers cheap Beginning on the agency side and then transitioning to the client side of her business, Emerick has had the opportunity to work in many different industries, including the financial sector, media and entertainment, publishing, consumer packaged goods, retail and distribution, and most recently, high tech. She currently works for IBM, where she leads global enterprise Internet and social business marketing strategy and programs.

social media

Should marketing and advertising to youth via social media

Marketing and advertising directed towards children and youth is not a new phenomenon but increasing attention from parents, regulators, business and civil society around ethical buy likes and followers on instagram debates have recently taken flight. Many children regularly have unsupervised access to numerous forms of media, particularly online. Advertising is everywhere: on TV, radio, the internet, and now more than ever, on our social media networks. There are growing concerns about the effects of this marketing on children's physical and mental health as well as on behavior and self-esteem. Marketing and advertising to children often gets a bad reputation. But, does it have to? To help shed light on this, in collaboration with the UNICEF Voices of Youth platform we asked young people to respond to the following question: Should marketing and advertising to children via social media be allowed?

Social Media and Its Application in Business Marketing

A social business is a core business philosophy. By being a social business, a company engages in social activities. A social business may seem new because of the emergence of social media. Social media is used to assist with being a social business. Social media has been around for quite some time and its buy instagram followers legit recent contribution to everyday life is what makes it so popular over the past few years. The evolution of social media proves how technology is ever-changing in order to fit the needs of its users. Social media can help companies market to other businesses or consumers. Some of these social platforms include: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. There are pro's and con's to adapting social media marketing, and an attempt is made to draw conclusions as to how this will impact social media for businesses in the future.